Owner, Design Eighteen

Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Scuba Instructor

A person with varied skills, Ranjit has been in the design industry for more than 2 decades. Having an innate talent for art, Ranjit did a lot of sketching during his early years in school and college, developing his artistic abilities participating in school and college cultural festivals etc. After completing post graduation in Commerce from the prestigious Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai, Ranjit tried out the possibility of design as a career choice at the very beginning of his working life.

A chance opening as a trainee in a design studio in Chennai was where he started out first in graphic design. Two years later, he had progressed to join as a Visualizer in The New Indian Express, Bangalore. Remembered as the ‘best workplace he had been in’, Ranjit spent a few years at Express, improving his writing skill too, maybe something to be expected from being surrounded by eminent journalists. Moving into the IT sector at the IT boom time in Bangalore, web design was another skill he picked up. 5 years on, he decided to venture on his own, starting Design Eighteen from a home office. A short work experience with a large advertising group gave the impetus to move into outsourced design. Design Eighteen then focused more on overseas clients, with varied clientele from US and Europe.

Over the decades, working round the clock from any location that had internet access, meant that he could follow his other passions of travelling and scuba diving. Design and diving went together to enable him to win a deal to train as a Scuba Diving instructor in Bali (read all about it…) Though not able to explore to the maximum the life as a Scuba diving instructor, Ranjit currently teaches scuba diving at Planet Scuba India to enthusiasts in Bangalore and looks forward to the next time he can explore the beauty of the marine world.

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