Best Dive Job 2012 (Part 1)

July-December 2011
Hosted by Blue Season Bali, Indonesia

What is the Best Dive Job Competition?

Quite simply, a competition to WIN the opportunity of a lifetime! Statistics show that some 70% of you reading this page now are doing so from work. Look around you. What is stopping you from changing your own life? The only answer is… “you are.”
So what can the winners expect if they manage to win this amazing prize?

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The entry to the competition required a write up on “Why I want to change my life and become a Scuba Instructor”. Then, you need to make a 1 minute video about yourself and post it on YouTube. Once your entry is accepted, then you start the promotion activity. This was for a period of over 4 months during which the best promotional activity on social and online media decided the winners.

For my entry, I designed a 8 page brochure describing myself, my goals and reasons for taking part in the Competition.

My approach included a 3 step promotional activity with a specific campaign each on Facebook

  • STEP 1: Promote Scuba diving as an activity for nature and outdoor enthusiasts
  • STEP 2: Promote the host, Blue Season Bali and the services they provide
  • STEP 3: Promote the Best Dive Job Worldwide Competition


This campaign included a series of educational posters, published each week for 4 months with a focus on any one aspect of scuba diving. This was to create an awareness about diving in general, specially to my friends on facebook about what it is all about and why it was such an awesome activity.