Meet people. Go places. Do things.

PADI – The way the world learns to dive.

Meet people.
Go places.
Do things.

These simple words tell you about the possibilities that open up to you as a PADI diver.

padi-logoDiving has changed me, like it has changed almost everyone who has tried it. Here are my experiences in reaching small, tiny goals and the joys along the way…

For those seeking adventure, and something other than your regular travel vacations, here is your chance to try something new, something that you have only seen on TV channels and movies. ‘Live Curious’ as NAT GEO says, is what will keep your minds fresh and your body conditioned to explore the world outside your comfort circle.

To most scuba diving may sound as an extreme activity, dangers that lurk beneath the surface, our fear of sharks and many such anxieties that drown us even as we put our feet into the water. Scuba diving may actually be safer than most extreme sport like parasailing, sky diving, or even high speed racing. One of the main reasons is that there are international agencies like PADI that lays down safety standards for diving, dive operations and dive shops which is usually not present in other extreme activities. From my personal experience, I have seen my own fear change to understanding and confidence, and a yearning to impart this educative and fulfilling experience to others, is my main reason to become a Scuba Instructor, step by little step.

Scuba diving, surprisingly is not something that only a select few have tried, at least one in every group of holidaymakers to Thailand has tried the famous ‘Discover Scuba’ course in one of its many ‘abridged, fast-track’ variations. Though the original PADI course is over a comfortable 2 day period with both confined water and open water sessions, in most places it is a quick 2-3 hour affair. In that, it does serve its purpose though, an introduction to scuba diving, enough to have you come back for more, if you experienced exhilaration instead of fear!

Why you should try it!

I had it grip me, every time I stared in wonder at the crowd of divers who seem to be at every street corner in Bangkok, waiting for buses, taxis, or the next tuk-tuk to Koh Tai and the dozens of dive shops all along the Thai coast. It was intriguing, what were these guys doing, and how would it feel being underwater, the closest to being in space, an astronaut I can never become, but scuba diver, yes I can; you can too!!